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Corel practice by lespapillons Corel practice :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 2
the world is too far gone
today the sun has tumbled down
over the hills to a silent dawn
tomorrow the day will be as long
the world is too far gone
sometimes I feel like a new round moon
round and bald and upon the sea
a precious sinking part of me
the world is too far gone
stars don't wheel, boys don't squeal
never, ever walk alone
when the night creeps in on tippy toes
when the sun has tumbled down
sometimes people lie alone
on a bed or on a throne
cold and grey and sweating soft
tomorrow the day will be as long
if this is the sea then I am the moon
the burning lights call out to me
I will walk then walk no more
over the hills to a silent dawn
at the end I will lay down
and wait in silence for the dawn
the wait tomorrow will be as long
for the world is too far gone
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 1
Queen Practice by lespapillons Queen Practice :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 1 Cameron - Midnightmustang request by lespapillons Cameron - Midnightmustang request :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 0 0
Where I live the hills are filled
Where I live the hills are filled
With houses painted, freshly standing,
Cool and quiet, windows chilled,
Glassy eyes, demure, commanding;
When passersby pause and stare,
The hills look back with silver eyes,
And reinstate their limpid dare
Until decayed to their demise.
But on mornings few and seldom seen
The hills shed silver as down floods gold
From fiery furnace in the sky, a stream
To thaw, to sand, to mold
These glassy spheres for catching light;
Blinded not by dark, for once by sight.
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 1 0
Ode to a Dead Rose
A dead rose is lovelier than one live,
With flowing sap and guarded thorns.
For no rose wild knew loving eyes,
Nor hands which plucked its fragrant crown.
A dead rose has been killed and hung,
Or pressed between beloved tomes.
Petals wither into withered lungs,
Fragrance stales as in age-old tombs.
A memory preserved of times gone by,
A dead rose is lovelier than one live.
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 1 0
What can we say to her slipping between trees
so she will not turn and run?
Will we half turn our heads like half moons
and pretend to stare into infinity
or until the highway chokes to rendered line
and us, with eyes following like moons
until we rise, rise and float over the horizon
hoping for invisibility, insignificant as balloons
to float and look, look and float in secrecy
at dappled beauty with no need for highways
no need for lines except crisscrosses of sunshine
which are the shadows of whispering trees
even as we try to hide behind moonrise
and turn shyly into quiet observant lines
the dappled hoof, head, moon, eyes, turns, runs
warned by the trees—she knows we see.
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 1 0
The Truth About Inspiration
Inspiration comes not in flashes;
Whoever said that was dead wrong.
He's probably sitting in his own ashes,
Wishing the years were less long.
That poor man's stuck by his own prong.
Whoever coined "inspirational spark"
Never wrote a word in his life.
Inspiration, you tricky lark,
You're nothing but purest strife.
The honest truth will now suffice.
Anyone who's ever written a word
Knows the man and knows his lies.
Inspiration is false, just absurd.
Writing is writing the next reprise
Before your brain turns into turd.
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 3
Amelia - defo18 request by lespapillons Amelia - defo18 request :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 2 Christelle request by lespapillons Christelle request :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 5 6 Luvulitha - NicoleDaney request by lespapillons Luvulitha - NicoleDaney request :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 3 2
Futility is an exercise in patience
is an exercise in patience
out here, in the ‘hood,
as they used to call it—
now it’s just called “nowhere”
now that the glamour has left
and the T.V. cameras packed up too
once there was nothing to see
nowhere to be
out here, in nowhere,
some call it no-man’s-land—
the empty space between dreams
and reality, or as we like to call it,
the day we got beat up
‘cus someone thought it’d be funny to watch
our fingerbones breaking, one by one
out here, in our dreams,
(we call them crazy)—
there are tall trees everywhere
and litte kids with plastic shovels
digging holes in the playground,
but our dreams go like cigarette smoke
and they vanish like silent souls
is an exercise in patience
we know all of that word
it shudders in our every bone
it smoulders in our every breath—
the absence of hope
but so too do we know “patience”
yes, we know how to wait
for promises made, buses late, money wi
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 3
it began with awkward glances
it began with awkward glances which
faded quickly into dust as we pretended
to look beneath our soles
as if searching
for a secret smile which
we were afraid to find on
each others’ faces
:iconlespapillons:lespapillons 3 0
Nurse Joy by lespapillons Nurse Joy :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 5 0 Miss Scarlett's Tea Time by lespapillons Miss Scarlett's Tea Time :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 1 0 Risen by lespapillons Risen :iconlespapillons:lespapillons 2 2



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I know I'm not a great artist. I am a young artist. And I am a good young artist. I believe that with practice, patience, and time, I will come to be a great artist.
After a long hiatus, I am back on DA. Hopefully for good this time.

Free commissions are now open! Did you hear that? Free! Simply post on this journal entry and watch me (please). It might take a while for me to get to your request, but it doesn't hurt to ask. And did I mention it's free?

How's everyone doing?


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